The man who brought the world The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One (Two of the greatest Batman stories ever told), is finally gearing up to tackle the Man of Steel. For years, fans have accused Frank Miller of mishandling Superman given that he was featured as the Dark Knight’s antagonist in The Dark Knight Returns, but that could change as Miller will tell a Superman story that’s not about the Man of Steel long after retirement, but will rather be a retiling of the origin story like he did all those years ago with Batman: Year One.

Batman: Year One repurposed the Dark Knight from the campy stories that preceded it, and recast the hero into a more gritty and down-to-Earth personality. It’s not clear what Miller plans to do with Superman’s origin, but it’s fair to say he will recreate him in a way that tells a captivating story.

“I’ve got a new Superman project that’s getting started, telling his origins. It’s like my book, Batman: Year One, it’s going to be Superman: Year One…..It’s going to be telling origins from when Pa Kent discovers him in the cornfield. And the little boy grows to youth and then to manhood….I’ve never really had my meaningful crack at Superman. In the cast of DC Comics, which has far and away the strongest and richest mythology, there are those three pillars they have of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.”

Former collaborator, John Romita Jr., who worked with Miller on Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade, will reunite with the writer and add his skills as an illustrator.

Now Miller has brought up his treatment of Superman in the past, stating that  he saw him as more of a foil for Batman. In fact, his work is one of the primary reasons we got the Batman V. Superman flick (but don’t blame him, he didn’t write the movie).

“I’ve been particularly brutal to Superman, but that’s not because I don’t like the character; it’s because the point-of-view has always been Batman’s….If I did a story where Superman was the lead character, Batman would be the antagonist. I adore Superman, it’s just that Batman does not, so when I’m writing Batman, I do not. It’s very much a writer’s job to take on a character’s point of view.”

The release date for Miller’s Superman origin story hasn’t been revealed, nor has the status of a script or any of the artwork so it could be a little while before it hits the stands. Keep an eye on NerdBastards for all your Frank Miller news and updates!


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