Featuring some of the most memorable moments from his time on Archer, FX has put together a memorial montage video tribute to the late legendary screen and voice-over actor George Coe. Coe voiced Archer’s butler, Woodhouse, and the two characters’ relationship was never anything short of hilarious.

Coe’s other television work includes appearances on various shows, including but certainly not limited to Star Trek: The Next Generation, Max Headroom, Murder, She Wrote, Bones, Columbo, The Golden Girls, and The West Wing.   He was an original cast member on Saturday Night Live, and received an Academy Award nomination in 1986 for a short film he co-directed and starred in: “The Dove”.

The touching tribute video clocks in at a little over 3 minutes, and is definitely worth the watch; bittersweet as it is.

Source: ComicBook

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