Welcome gaming bastards to another edition of G.R.O.W. This is NerdBastards weekly video game release list where we give y’all a heads up on what was released for the consoles and PC as well as downloadable titles as well. Also, just like last week, leave a comment on what else you want to see or have us do different here at NerdBastards and we’ll try to implement it next week. So what are y’all waiting for Check after the jump to see if there is anything coming out that will make your wallets cry!

Dead Rising 2

Set several years after the events of the first game in the series, Dead Rising 2 contains all the fun and over-the top carnage which gamers associate with a zombie apocalypse. As with all releases in the Dead Rising series, it is a survival horror game. Players take on the role of an all-new character, with equally new motivations to survive and resources to do so. These resources include new weapons, expanded weapon combination/creation possibilities, and even two-player coop functionality. The game also features a 4-player online multiplayer mode, an optional prologue to the game available as downloadable content and a dramatic increase in the number of zombies that can be faced at once.

The sequel to one of the funnest and greatest 360 zombie game is here! The new weapons creation game play they added for this game is probably the star feature as it has the gamers try to be creative and see what two items can fuse into an awesome zombie killing device. The Collector’s Edition is stacked with items and making of feature but the 360 version of the CE has the Dead Rising movie.

Availability: 360 Collector’s Edition, 360, PS3 Collector’s Edition, PS3, PC

Wii Party

Most video games require players to focus their attention on a screen, but now Nintendo brings the action into the living room with Wii Party, a game that changes the way people interact with other players. Wii Party is a family-friendly party game featuring 13 different party game modes and 70+ mini-games. Individual games are diverse in design, incorporate importable or system generated Miis, and fall into several different categories. These include: Party Games supporting 1-4 players that in some cases utilize an in-game game board, navigated with the use of Miis and dice rolls; Pair Games, supporting up to two players in co-op play; and House Party Games, which support 2-4 live players and utilize the Wii Remote to create differing dynamics between players.

Last week, I realized that in the debut of G.R.O.W. that there wasn’t a major Wii release, well here is one of two and y’all know that this will sell as long as Nintendo markets it right. Wii Party is the next step of Wii Play but with more dumb but fun games, hell, some of these can be fun drinking games (especially the hot potato-esque game). If you’ve been getting tired of Wii Sports Resort, get this game just so that your Wii doesn’t collect any more dust.

Available: Wii

Atelier Roronoa: The Alchemists of Arland

The Alchemist of Arland is a classically styled role-playing game, set in a realm of alchemy and magic, with turn-based battles and complex character development. Based on a long-running Japanese series, it is the fourth console game in developer Gust’s Atelier series to be released in North America, and the first developed for PS3. The game’s graphics employ cel-shaded 3D characters and finely detailed 2D backgrounds, to create the effect of playing through a high-definition anime feature. Combat plays out with each character and enemy making its attack in turn. Positioning is not important in the abstract battles, but using the most effective attacks at the right times, against creatures with different elemental strengths or weaknesses, can make a significant difference in a close fight. The game’s alchemy interface allows players to combine quest rewards and found objects into tools, armor, and weapons of great power or specific use. The game’s ultimate challenge is to create the rarest object in the world – an object perhaps powerful enough to save the realm, or destroy it — using exceptional ingredients and alchemistic expertise gathered throughout the adventure. The plot plays out as a series of 12 great tasks, each of which must be accomplished within a limited amount of game time, in order to proceed to the next. The story branches, according to the player’s role-playing decisions, to multiple possible endings.

If you’re a fan of Gust’s previous works (Ar tonelico series, Mhana Khema series, Atelier Iris series), then you will feel right at home with this JRPG. The game has been receiving positive reviews and if this sells well, then you can bet the sequel (already released in Japan) will get a release in the U.S.

Available: PS3

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

In Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, join with friends on an epic rock journey to save rock n’ roll. Featuring an impressive 90+ track set list, a totally redesigned rock-inspired guitar controller and a host of all-new gameplay features, living room legends and their friends can strum, drum and wail in the most immersive music videogame experience to date. Delivering the quintessential rock music collection that focuses on guitar shredding hits from bands such as Black Sabbath, Slipknot and Megadeth and larger-than-life band anthems from Queen, Muse and KISS, players can unleash more rewards and unlockable content than ever before in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’s Quest Mode, the franchise’s first ever story-based mode, and Quickplay+, which invites challenge-starved fanatics to test their rock skills. Running on the powerful Guitar Hero engine that has been expanded and refined and with encores from the addictive, award-winning gameplay features that made Guitar Hero one of the most popular franchises of all-time – such as Party Play, Competitive modes and any combination of up to four instruments –the game offers a complete interactive and connected experience bringing friends and foes to the stage in the ultimate rock music experience.

While Rock Band 3’s main focus is to have the gamers learn how to play with real guitars, Guitar Hero focus on the story and decided to release their own rip-off of Brutal Legend. The set list is pretty decent as there is over 9o songs, which includes all 7 parts to Rush’s “2112” and Dethklok’s “Bloodlines.”

Available: 360 Super Bundle, 360 w/ Guitar, 360, PS3 Super Bundle, PS3 w/ Guitar, PS3, Wii Super Bundle, Wii w/ Guitar, Wii

Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory is a futuristic third-person shooter starring a hulking, battle-scarred soldier named Syd and a lithe warrior named Filena. Together they will fight for the survival of the human race, as a deadly material known as Erosion makes its way across the post-apocalyptic land, infecting everything in its reach. The source of the Erosion appears to be emanating from a “living” tower, so the heroes vow to destroy it no matter what the cost. Quantum Theory is notable for featuring a shapeshifting battlefield that will create obstacles or hazards in real-time. Players will take control of Syd, with Filena joining the action as a computer-controlled teammate. The duo can perform combos and various other actions together, allowing players to combine forces to defeat giant boss characters and other alien-like enemies. Online support is also included in four distinct play modes.

So yeah… this game is a rip-off of Gears of War and was a PS3 exclusive until recently. They demo is out there to try out and it’s all right. If you want something to keep you busy till April when Gears 3 comes out, give this game a try.

Available: 360, PS3

Front Mission Evolved

Front Mission Evolved is the latest installment in the Front Mission Series, making a debut departure into a Third Person Action game. As Dylan Ramsey you will be faced with armies of enemies as you command and customize your Wanzer, a giant bipedal tank. Each Wanzer is equipped with massive firepower as you navigate the concrete mazes of cities, and travel as far as the frozen wastes of the Antarctic in massive battles that could cause a world war.

It’s the first Front Mission game for this generation of consoles and I say they did the right choice to make this more third person action game where gamers can control giant mechs instead of the usual tactical turn-base RPG. The game even includes online multiplayer for gamers to beat on other folks’ giant mechs.

Available: 360, PS3, PC

Samurai Warriors 3

Assume the role of legendary Japanese Samurai during a time of civil unrest, launching into chaotic battles against huge swarms of enemies. Skilled in the arts of combat, the Samurai must protect their lord’s interest, and doing so requires careful planning and strategy. With tales of revenge, political intrigue and romance, Samurai Warriors 3 asks you to play your part in the unification of Japan and to defend your honor in the process. Choose from over 30 legendary Samurai as players fight through hundreds of enemies both by foot and by horseback. Power-up dozens of weapons and armor as you fight to defend your honor and that of your allies. In the “Murasame Castle” sub-mode, help a lost Samurai fight his way out of a haunted castle, and experience the untold tales between the mysterious Samurai through actual historical events in Historical Mode. Battle alongside another warrior in local or online multiplayer. Accessories: Compatible with Nunchuk Controller, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro and GameCube Controller.

So y’all probably wondering why Samurai Warriors 3 is a Wii exclusive? Well it’s because of the special Murasame Castle mode, which is basically a remake of an old game the Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto designed. Other than that, the game is the typical beat a bunch of enemies on the screen with a character while your brain is turned off. Although, this being on the Wii, there isn’t much character on the screen at once.

Available: Wii

Downloadble Games You Should Check Out:

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (PS3, PC)
Hydrophobia (360)

The Other Stuff: This is where we list the other games that are coming out just in case you were looking for some crap other games to play (Okay, not all of them are crap but you know what I mean).

Final Fantasy XIII – Regular Edition (PC)
Fifa Soccer 11
(360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS)
Battle VS Chess (360, PS3, PC)
Greg Hasting’s Paintball 2 (360, PS3, Wii)
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (360 w/ Fishing Controller, 360, PS3 w/ Fishing Controller, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii w/ Fishing Controller, Wii, DS)
MySims Sky Heroes (360, PS3, Wii, DS)
MorphX (360)
Get Fit With Mel B (PS3)
Escape Whisper Valley (PC)
Tropico 3: Gold Edition (PC)
Star Wars Fan Favorites I (PC)
Star Wars Fan Favorites II (PC)
Jerkyll and Hyde (PC)
Black Mirror 2 (PC)
The Guild 2: Renaissance (PC)
Sid Meier’s Pirates! (Wii)
Haunted House (Wii)
Gummy Bears Mini Golf (Wii)
Matthews Bowhunting (Wii)
Wii Sniper Elite (Wii)
Once Upon A Time (Wii)
Honda ATV Fever (Wii)
Kid Fit Island Resort (Wii)
Jewel Master: Cradle of Athena (DS)
Farm Frenzy: Animal Counrty (DS)
Chuck E. Cheese’s Playhouse (DS)
Chuck E. Cheese’s Gameroom (DS)
I Love Puppies (DS)
Mimi’s Party Fun (DS)

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