GameInformer has released its Top 200 games ever. Wow. THAT’S A LOT OF NUTS!!!! (Movie quote). Now if only 190 of them REALLY mattered, everyone knows at the Olympics you only really see gold, silver and bronze. At a Marathon, you only see the ONE Kenyan who wins. So just for the crowd control, I will hand you the top 10. I want to see if you agree or disagree. In my opinion? I’m glad they stayed away from the new and were more involved in the genre’s OG’s that inspired our modern greatness..

10) Ms. Pac Man 1981- We all REALLY know that Ms. Pac Man was just Pac Man in drag putting anything in his mouth that he could get. But seriously, the game was a revamped version of Pac Man and added new mazes, faster game play and better ghost AI. Not bad for a nearly 30 year old game to beat out 200 to be in the top tier.

9) Super Mario Bros. 3 1990- Like the generation before us and the assassination of JFK, we all remember where we were when we saw Fred Savage in the movie “The Wizard”…It was the moment when your eyes went wide with graphics Nintendo had pushed to the limit, and the expansive worlds to crawl through they had designed. They used this movie as a platform to commercialize the upcoming release of this great game, and it worked. This game, to this day, has sold a million copies on the Wii alone.

8) Final Fantasy 3 1994-  Super Nintendo. What can I say? The best system ever in my opinion. I was at an outdoor farm fair in 1990, and they had you pay a dollar for 5 minutes of Super Mario World, and when I tell you the vibrant colors of the game made me stare in awe….I couldn’t do anything at the age of 10 without thinking of of when SNES was coming out. Final Fantasy 3 was actually extremely hard to get at the time. It was a rare thing. Unfortunately this was the only FF game I didn’t play in its entirety. Final Fantasy 2 should have been the game to take this slot. It was the same 2D graphics, and the storyline was killer.

7) Metroid 1986- Oh. Dear. God. Was this game the most frustratingly long non savable game? Yes. But one of the first amazing games for regular Nintendo? Also yes. Super Metroid may have been hugely successful and gorgeously amped on the SNES, but this was the game that put it on the map. Fanboys had to attempt to disbelieve the first time Samus took off his helmet and was actually a chick…Which then led one to wonder how the rest of her body looked once she dropped her gear..

6) Doom 1993- Wolfenstein was the game that was basically the first FPS. But Doom was the game that shot the genre with a BFG! All the blood, and aliens and the vast array of weapons to shred them apart with was fun, no matter what time you played. But of all the generic and popular FPS’s out there, this was the trend setter. The bar was set high, and regardless of who made the leap, this was the wear it began.

5) Half Life 2 2004- This PC game was hugely successful in the fact that a lot of FPS’s were droll, bang bang games, and this story arc was vastly developed to the point of actual movie quality. …..So…..I never played this game…So ….I’m gonna take their word for it….Good job Valve.

4) Grand Theft Auto 3 2001- This was it. This was one of the biggest games of my life. Sure Vice city added little idiosyncrasies like shooting out windows, tires, and ducking. But GTA meant what it was to lose yourself in a game. Sometimes you didn’t even need to play the storyline. Me and my friends made our own mini game, (very original, I know) called police chase. We would jump into the first car we saw, and fill up all our police levels and see who could hold out the longest before bursting into flames. Yes. It was fantastic. Do you remember the weapons codes by heart still? Do you remember where the Viper was? I think I remember the first time I played this more vividly then when I lost my virginity. They were both fantastic and fast paced.

3) Tetris 1984- I didn’t know Tetris came out in 1984…The game that everyone loved and adored was pea soup colored and musically sound on the Game Boy. And THAT was the first time you fell in love with the ever changing puzzle game that made you mental and happy at the same time.

2) Super Mario Bros. 1985- “Doc…I’m from the future…I came here in a time machine that you invented…Now I need you to help me get back to the year 1985.” Mario has grown literal leaps and bounds in these 25 years, but this was the game that made home console games a phenom. Whoever came up with a goddamned racially profiled Italian plumber who was obsessed with gold and killing weird duck turtles by jumping on them all in an effort to save a Princess who doesn’t put out, was a drugged out genious. The Alice in Wonderland of video games, Mario is the MARIO of the industry.

1) The Legend of Zelda 1987- Created the Save option. Was never played through the same. Was the game that was the first to be called epic. Man child, Link, was a strange Peter Pan like protagonist with little or no reason to go and save Zelda. Which leads me to my next query, why the fuck wasn’t this game series called The Legend of Link? Zelda has a literal 5 second cameo in each game, and it seems, needs saving more often then Princess Toadstool. Link can’t ever stop Gannon’s imminent resurrection or return and always comes back in some way, shape or form, so it also seems that he isn’t that good at being a hero. Only one better was possibly A Link To The Past on the SNES. RPG’s, sagas, and all other games of this style and proportion owe their allegiance to this game.

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