Love or hate it, Game of Thrones is a phenomenon. Few shows in history can boast being this big. Even its mistakes become media controlling phenomenon. All shows have a few slip-ups here and there. You’d expect that from a show with as many moving parts as Game of Thrones. But last week’s coffee cup scandal had people in a tizzy. Seeing a blatant piece of the modern world in their medieval fantasy made some folks lose their minds. This certainly couldn’t be the only time a goof like this has happened on the show, so… why the fuss?

8 Seasons is a good long while for any show. There have been slip-ups over continuity in story, or prop placement. Dead bodies switching places. Makeup scars in different places when seen seasons apart. Changing wigs mid-scene. But few times have we seen the modern world sneak into Westeros. And that’s impressive.

There have been lots of hard-to-tell moments. A scene where a phone chime could be heard, kinda? An extra wearing jeans with his period style tunic, maybe?

One real-world “oops” undeniably made it on screen. In Stannis Baratheon’s death scene, next to his right leg you can see what appears to be a laptop power cord. More likely it’s the battery pack for a mic.

The cord didn’t make national news. Why did the coffee cup?

It could be said that perhaps more people are paying closer attention than before. This IS the last season, after all. And that may well be true. But that’s likely not all of it.

Lots of people found many things wrong with last weekend ‘The Last Of The Starks’. Jon ghosting Ghost. Tyrion forgetting his nose is almost broken a few seconds after being hit. Dany’s forces going from Winterfell to King’s Landing in what seems like a couple of days when we’ve spent entire seasons with characters making that journey before. The death of the ONLY woman of color on the show. RIP, Missandei. Many fans also hated Brienne breaking down  when Jaime left. Our stoic newly-knighted-bad ass should’ve gotten angry before she broke down, even if Jaime is golden in bed too.

So the coffee cup seems like the cherry on top of a shoddy cake. The side-aching guffaws at the coffee cup weren’t as much at the coffee cup itself as much as it is the absurdity of an episode littered with issues. OF COURSE, there’s a coffee cup on the table! Naturally, there would be in THIS episode, wouldn’t there? Folks are tuning into the show more now because it’s ending. Long time fans have noted a marked decreased in writing after the last few seasons. And while we nerds are known for being overly passionately and maybe unduly harsh over things, that’s not so for every complaint. Jon leaving Ghost without saying goodbye for example. Snow-Bros will bemoan any critic. “PEOPLE DONT GET JON’S CHARACTER IF THEY THINK HE WOULD.” Yes. We get it. You have a special connection to Jon Snow that no one else could understand. And this was absolutely a moment the writers could’ve used. Maybe this was symbolic of Jon leaving behind his claim to the name Stark, literately leaving his direwolf behind, truly embracing his heritage and becoming Aegon Targaryen in that moment. Maybe Jon knew if he spoke to Ghost then he’d change his mind. Maybe… Maybe… maybe if it were any of those things, the writers and editors should’ve made that more clear. Instead, Jon came off as cold.

Yes, there were good parts to the show. There were things to love about it. But as much as we love the show, we can’t dismiss the things we, as fans, find off-putting as well.


Game of Thrones art director Hauke Richter later confirmed that it is not a Starbucks cup, saying instead that the cup came from a local coffee shop in Bainbridge, Ireland, near where the show was filming. But the internet doesn’t care. That is now and will always be a Starbucks Cup. Even Starbucks got in on it.


AND WHY WOULDN’T THEY. Experts claim that Starbucks would’ve had to pay $250,000 to $1 million for one of their drinks to be included in a show of similar quality and fame.  And for NOT A SINGLE PENNY, we’ve attached the Starbucks name to the Game of Thrones fame, giving Starbucks upwards of tens of millions of dollars in free publicity.

When you can list on one hand the modern day items that most its way on screen during an 8 season run, that’s pretty impressive. But the internet will never fail to find the strangest things to hyper-focus on, especially as a way to process the way it feels about other things completely unrelated.

But what do you think? Was the coffee thing blown out of proportion? Should a multi-million dollar TV show on HBO have caught something so obvious? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!



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