The folks over at HBO sure do know how to toy with our emotions. Game of Thrones fans were in a state of a frenzied mixture of disbelief and denial following *REDACTED* “death” in the Season 5 finale, despite the actor  himself stating afterwards that, as far as he knew, the character was really and truly dead.  Director David Nutter even confirmed they had killed our Dear *REDACTED*; even at the risk of breaking President Obama’s heart.  And yet now, they’ve released a new teaser poster for Season 6 that has us all going back to the drawing board with our HE LIVES theories.


A pretty grim image, but there must be a purpose to it.  Would HBO really make a teaser poster that was just a close up of the bloodied face of a dead character?  Hopefully not- that would be pretty gruesome.  But would HBO make a teaser poster that was a close up of a battered and bloody, but also LIVING face?  Still pretty gritty, but not nearly as unsettling as a close up of the face of a dead body.

According to the poster, we’ll unearth more pieces of this puzzle in April with the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere!

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