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Seeing as how his books have been turned into billions of dollars in profits via the magic of moving pictures, it’s about damn time that J.R.R. Tolkien gets more than a byline and a few extra book sales.  Now, the folks over at Fox are looking to put together a biopic on the famous author, giving all us geeks that are too lazy to do the research a chance to learn all about the man himself.

The movie is currently under the working title of Tolkien and is being scripted by Irish writer/director David Gleeson.  Though you may not have heard anything about Gleeson, he’s said to be some sort of Tolkien fanboy, so I guess it’s probably in good hands.

Of course, one man’s life, no matter how long or short, contains a lot of events.  Someone like Tolkien has an even longer story to tell, so it’s no easy task deciding what to focus on.  Apparently, they’ll be narrowing down the tale to his time during World War I and at PembrokeCollege, focusing on the events that shaped Tolkien’s life and led to the eventual novels that we all know and love.  No word on when it’s expected to be done.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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