While we all desperately wait for a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer (Swear to God, if we don’t get a trailer soon. I swear to God…), some promo art for the film has been released, giving us a much better look at Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

First off all, that drink ware looks really cheap. You know that kind of crude plastic that splinters and fades art after like one goddamn wash? If I’m gonna spend 15 friggin’ dollars on a collectible drink piece, I demand quality!

Art in itself is pretty cool, I guess. Making judgements (because that’s what we do) on the character designs, however, I have some complaints.  Like for example, Star Lords hair. Why doesn’t his helmet cover it? I guess in space, protecting your face is more important than your noggin’. Maybe his hair gel is like super hard, it acts like it’s own helmet? And what’s up with the blue brain thing he’s holding in this hand? Is it alien poop…it’s cosmic alien poop, isn’t it? Eww, gross. On plus side, however, Halo guns. Yeah!

Gamora’s suit looks pretty studly, and that sword is bad-ass (can’t wait till I see it on Home Shopping Networks collectible knife show). I just dunno if I care for the face/body make-up. The green is too light and her face has no contrast. Lack of depth overall. She looks like she should be a playdate for Gumbi, rather than an intergalactic master of arms.

Anyone see Drax? All I see is David Batista with green skin. I dunno, maybe it’s because Batista reminds me of every muscle bound meat head that picked on me in highschool, but I just don’t care for his presence. I much rather would have preferred seeing Jason Momoa all hulked out. Oh, and the red tattoo calligraphy, what a mess that is. Should have just stuck with the easy-to-read tribal stripes from the comics.

No complaints on Rocket Racoon (now that’s a fucking gun!) or Groot, they look as they should.

I know I’m being incredibly nit picky, and I should just shut my pie hole until we see a goddamn trailer. It’s just fun to judge/have an early opinion. Leaving on a positive note, I do think we’re in store for a campy (in a good way), fun, action adventure set across the stars. It’ll be good.

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