The hype leading up to the May 1st release of Avengers: Age of Ultron has been building steadily since the first footage of pitch-perfect James Spader‘s Ultron was shown last year. It’s no surprise really, considering the phenomenal, well-deserved success of Joss Whedon‘s first crack at Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Still, with the exhilarating footage they’ve already shown us, it’s great to see that Marvel wasn’t content to just sit on their cash-stained hands and phone it in for the inevitably colossal sequel. To further pump us up for the new trailer’s release on Thursday during the premier of ABC‘s American Crime, those sly costumed bastards over at camp Marvel snuck a few exciting pieces of new footage into a brief teaser for us.

While it may be incredibly brief, this trailer for the trailer has many great glimpses at the Avengers in action and, most importantly, the absolutely bad-ass Ultron drones. Check it out for yourself.

In spite of how ridiculous it is that trailers have trailers now, I’m pretty excited to see what else they’ll have to show us in the full trailer on March 5th. Personally, I’m expecting them to show us more of the apparently immense scope of their battle with Ultron but, as long as I get to see Hulk doing Hulk things like punching Iron Man in the kidneys, I’ll be pretty damn happy.

How about you, brave readers? Anything you’re needing to see in the new trailer to boost your excitement for Avengers: Age of Ultron? Let us know in the comments below.

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