Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) is the latest game in the violently amusing fighter franchise Mortal Kombat, by developer NetherRealm Studios. This latest entry in the blood soaked Mortal Kombat saga that was one of the games responsible for the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in 1994, is both ambitious, and possibly innovative. Though NetherRealm has been very tightlipped about MK11, the few details that are available indicate that the company has made many changes from their previous games including some nostalgia inducing reintroductions to former competitors in the franchise. Here is a list of 11 things you should know about Mortal Kombat 11 before it’s release on April 23rd.

11. Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

In Mortal Kombat 11, we are introduced to a new big bad villain by the name of Kronika, the Elder God of time who has come to give Raiden and all his combatants a serious smack down. As the story goes, when Raiden sent a message across time to his younger self just before his death in the beginning of the 9th installment of the Mortal Kombat franchise, he gained the ire of the Elder Goddess of time. For reasons not yet known to players, this one act threw Kronika’s plans out of whack, and she is not amused. So how does an Elder God with the power to manipulate time choose to solve her problems? By bringing heroes and villains from past instalments of the Mortal Kombat franchise back to fight each other to the death, of course!

10. Clash Of The Elder Gods

Kronika isn’t the only Elder God to join the fray in Mortal Kombat 11. Cetrion, daughter of Kronika and the diametrically opposed sister of Shinnok, is imbued with the power of the elements. She has command over the elemental forces of fire, water, wind, and earth, which she bends to her will to deliver bone breaking, flesh melting punishments to any who challenge her. Even her basic attacks highlight her godly powers. A geyser of lava erupts from the ground when she uses her sweeping move, while a spinning dive kick will see her transform into water.

On the field of battle, Cetrion prefers to fight from a distance, as most of her moves are designed to keep her enemies at bay. She can form a stone wall that will repel projectiles, summon fire that will sweep the ground around her, and summon vines to hit her opponents low and set them up for devastating combos.

Cetrion doesn’t have as many intricate combos as some of the other characters that players can choose from, which makes her a great choice for players who may be novices to the MK style of fighting games. In other words, she is a great character for your younger siblings to play while you practice your new moves and combos on them.

9. Mister Sandman

The Villainess Kronika will not be reeking havoc in the realms alone. Geras, a devoted and powerful servant of the goddess of time will be an interesting, if not possibly controversial new combatant in the fight for the future of the realms. Geras has the power to manipulate the sands of time, literally. He has the ability to stop time, teleport, and rewind time to replay previous actions he performed. He also has the ability to use sand as a weapon, allowing him to set sand traps, summon a column of sand to launch his enemies into the air (great setup for an air combo), and deliver a devastating blow with his sand fist, giving his opponents a ‘sandwich’ they won’t soon forget.

8. Finish Him!

With every new iteration, the team at NetherRealm Studios strives to push the boundaries of gore, humor, and taste with their Fatalities, a staple for the games since the very first instalment in the series. Over the years, gamers have been treated to some of the most inventive ways to disembowel, decapitate, eviscerate, and babalitate…?, their foes. The Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 take a step back from the x-ray style death scenes of MK10 and focus more on slow-motion shots of glorious brutality. As usual, all the Fatalities in this game use the specific executioner’s abilities and style to shuffle their opponents off this mortal coil.

Players can expect the usual attention to detail when it comes to the blood and gore involved with each Fatality, but a new addition to this game will dial up the pain inflicted on the characters in Mortal Kombat 11.

7. Fatally Blown Away

In Mortal Kombat 11, If a player is on the ropes, they have the ability to employ a new technique called Fatal Blow. For those that played Injustice 2, you may recognize Fatal Blow as a bloody variation of a Super Move. Basically, Fatal Blow is a powerful attack that uses a cut scene to depict a series of painful blows unleashed on your opponent. Unlike the over-the-top and somewhat whimsical Super Moves in Injustice 2, Fatal Blow can only be preformed when your character’s health has dipped below 30%. It is also limited to once per match which means that it’s strategic use could alter the outcome of any match.

6. Flawless… Block?

Another new addition to combat will have hardcore gamers up late trying to prefect it. The Flawless Block is a new weapon added to a gamer’s arsenal. If a defender is able to perfectly block an attack, it leaves the attacker open for a punishing counterattack. This may change the strategy for many gamers who use rush attacks or even button mashing on a regular basis. Repeatedly attacking a character while he is blocking could end in a powerful backlash that could lose the attacker the game.

5. Crushing It

Another change to combat this time around is the inclusion of Crushing Blow, a cinematic variation on certain special moves that can only be triggered when specific criteria are met in battle. This is were the X-Ray style cinematics come into play again. Crushing blows can do many things including stun an enemy, or increase the damage inflicted on them. There are several conditions that can trigger a Crushing Blow and include: landing a move in a certain point in a combo, landing a move when the opponent is blocking and facing the wrong direction, and landing an unblockable move while blocking, to name a few.

4. Tell Us A Story

Since 2007, Story Director Dominic Cianciolo and his team at NetherRealm Studios have put a strong emphases on compelling and dynamic story telling. Using techniques, software, and what they learned from previous games like Injustice 2, the story team were able to create cut scenes and character interactions that should entertain players as they fight their way through the 8 plus hours in story mode.

3. Take My Money!

Microtransactions have become almost a dirty word amongst gamers, with good reason. Many games have taken advantage of their audience by including items, abilities, power-ups, and the like that are only accessible through microtransactions or even loot boxes. This can create an unfair online playing experience if said items give the buyers a boost. It can create a pay-to-win environment that makes online play for people who can’t or won’t pay good money for add-ons extremely difficult. The Development team at NetherRealm Studios have confirmed that, though they will have microtransactions, they will be mostly cosmetic. The team have also confirmed that there will be no loot boxes. Instead, most random items will be obtained through, well, just playing the game.

2. Ronda’s House

Ronda Rousey is a professional wrestler, actress, author, and former mixed martial artist who can now add voice actress in a AAA title video game to her respectable resume. Ronda will be voicing the indomitable Sonya Blade for the first time in Mortal Kombat 11. Perhaps she will be tapped for a future live action adaptation of the character as well. Only time will tell. For now, fans will be treated to Rousey’s commanding voice as she brings the first and arguably most formidable female in the Mortal Kombat franchise to life.

1. Customize Almost Everything!

Probably one of the most important new features in Mortal Kombat 11 is the customization. Barrowing heavily from Injustice 2, NetherRealm Studios has taken customization to the next level. In MK11, Art Lead and Character Designer Brendan George and his team have out done themselves. They have created a plethora of skins, weapons, and clothing, some of which will add bonuses to the characters that can affect game play in single player, pvp, and challenge modes. Along with skin and clothing customization, a player can also customize their match intro, victory poses, taunts, and Brutalities.

Another customization found in MK11 are called Augments. Augments can actually change gameplay in the game. For example, Scarlet has an Augment that allows her to take more life from her opponents while preforming her moves. Because of the advantages augments can give a character, they are not allowed in ranked matches or tournaments and can only be used online with players who agree to them.

One of the most exciting customization options is the ability to customize 3 of the 10 moves each character can perform. By customizing these moves, you can throw your opponents off. In a typical fighting game, players become accustomed to the move set of most of the characters in the game. It can give them an advantage at times because they can predict how another player may play based on the moves of their character. By adding 3 move slots with custom moves, a character becomes less predictable and a fight becomes more interesting.

There are still many unknowns in Mortal Kombat 11, but if these 11 additions, changes, and enhancements are any indication, players are in for a bloody good time.

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