How the heck can someone make Mortal Kombat funny?  So far, the only things online on Mortal Kombat are serious gaming or the in-depth webseries currently on Youtube. But when we want something to laugh at Dorklybits delivers. With their “Mortal Kombat sitcom” they put Scorpion and Sub-Zero under the same roof, and give them a dynamic that parodies those in every TV show about two single men. Mortal Kombat fans will get a kick out of the videogame lines used in corny jokes, and oddly placed conversations. Just an aside: This show, if made in real life, could totally have Charlie Sheen playing Sub-Zero. Just sayin’.

So check out this video, and put your thoughts and comments below. Why?

‘Cause we have a laugh track despite being filmed in front of a “live audience”. Zombies aren’t good at laughing.

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