Today begins the day before the first day of SDCC 2014 and things are already starting to happen. Every year the start of the convention creeps forward a bit as fans and exhibitors try to get a jump on all the happenings of the fast paced weekend of Nerdy events. Before we all get hip deep in SDCC announcements, videos, and convention swag, let’s take a look back with this four-minute history of SDCC.

Here’s the video, produced by Movieclips, it’s an interesting look back at a convention that has grown by leaps and bounds in the last ten years.

What did you think? What didn’t you know about before seeing this video? It’s amazing how the convention has grown since the early 90’s. Let’s take a look at some of the past SDCC logos:

There’s a lot of great traditions at SDCC. There’s the events, the cosplay, and don’t forget those fabulous swag bags:

The bags are so popular that they’ve even crossed over into the cosplay of  SDCC:

This week of SDCC is really stressful for those trying to cover the event. It’s so big that even just covering the top news coming out of SDCC this weekend will be a chore requiring a lot of people working together. The crowds, the lines, and the sheer amount of events happening both in the convention center and around it are staggering. No one could possibly see it all, or even half of it really. You’ve got to have a game plan going in and stick to it to see those things you’re most concerned about catching.

The question  I’m left with is, “When is big, too big?” Will the next big trend be to move to 24 hour programming? Will the convention continue to spill out to the surrounding area? When will SDCC promoters decide to fence those areas in and make them SDCC badge holders only?

What do you think the next crazy trend will be at SDCC in the future?

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