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Talk about a screen version of Robert Jordan‘s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time has been buzzing since before the novels had even been finished. In an interview in 2000, Jordan himself discussed the possibility of NBS airing a miniseries of the first novel, The Eye of the World. In 2008, Universal Pictures was planning to make a series of films. Neither of the projects ever came to fruition.

Fans may have been granted a televised The Eye of the World much, much sooner. With no press or marketing surrounding it, a single pilot episode based on the books entitled “Winter Dragon” was aired on FXX in February 2015. It starred Max Ryan, of Kiss of the Dragon, and Billy Zane, of The Phantom and Twin Peaks.

Produced by Red Eagle Entertainment, it did not exactly go down well – with viewers or Robert Jordan’s widow, Harriet McDougal.

After it was shown, McDouglae claimed she had no idea the show was ever supposed to have happened. The following law suit and switch of rights from Red Eagle back to the Bandersnatch Group meant the no further episodes were made

More than a year later, on April 29th 2016, McDougal took to the official Wheel of Time Google+ fan page to announced that a television show would finally be made.

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Though no other information has been released yet, fans can expect more updates on the fan page as the project gets properly underway.

The fans who followed the page seemed universally happy with this news. Some have voiced conerns, though, about the way the show will be created and a handful has suggested that, time time, the project be kept out of Red Eagle hands and given to perhaps a more popular contemporary broadcaster such as Netflix or HBO.

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