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While Marvel’s Ant-Man adaption has hit more than few bumps in the road to production – with director Edgar Wright having left the project per creative differences and the purging of several actors, including Patrick Wilson – the project moves forward. New director Peyton Reed will helm as stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas bring to life Marvel’s super powered man of various sizes/commander of Ants.

Should fans be worried? Eh, maybe. But Marvel has a pretty good track record and they’ve only been getting better. We fully aspect Marvel to make some announcements and clear the air tonight when they take center stage their San Diego Comic Con panel in Hall H. Until then, here’s an early treat. A first look at the Ant-Man helmet prop.



The prop (above) is Ant-Man’s helmet made to life. Originally built to communicate with primarily ants, this helmet was almost constantly worn by Henry Pym when in his Ant-man uniform. That function was later built into other helmets worn by Pym, though the original helmet design and function changed over time. The newest version of the helmet contains various instruments such as size-matching when Pym-Particles are detected and targeting sensors

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The helmet looks to be the same as featured in the Ant-Man test footage teased last summer by Edgar Wright.

Ant-Man (2012) – Edgar Wright Concept Teaser by Eklecty-City

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