If there’s one thing super hero movie sequels can guarantee, it’s that the heroes costumes will always change. It’s certainly not for the means of appeasing fans, but rather selling/marketing newness. That’s just the way it is.

Aside from Iron Man, the only other on-screen character to have a vast wardrobe is Captain America. His costume changes have certainly ranged in appeal as he’s gone from movie to movie. One can only wonder what variation of the costume is in store for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Well, actually, you don’t have to wonder. Thanks to some set photos and video from the production currently shooting in South Korea, we have our first look solid at Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans). Oh, and if you care about Black Widow, we got some shots for her too (well sorta). 

What do you think?

Again, Caps attire has varied film to film. In my opinion his World War II (from The First Avenger) jacketed-style outfit looked arguably the best. His bright, incredibly tight and all around goofy hooded costume from The Avengers having looked the absolute worst. His latest outing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (out this weekend) sees Cap dropping the red, white and blue in favor a stealthy and stark agent of shield uniform. I hate to see him drop his colors but from what I understand it’s central to the story. I have’t seen the film yet, but apparently he dons his classic uniform later in the movie.  I like the look of Cap’s new suit in AOU. It looks to have the better qualities of his suits from the three movies (Cap 1, Avengers, Cap2) with a few bells and whistles, like those shoulder pads.

As far as Black Widow goes. That was of course Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double. The characters new duds see what appears to be a slight alteration in her belt and bracers, but, otherwise it’s the same butt tight suit. As it should me. Maybe it’s over sexualized but it’s nice to see a costume that reassembles the comic. It’s identifiable.

So what say you Nerd Bastards readers? Are you happy with this iteration of the costume?



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