Yesterday Paul Feig revealed the Ghostbusters reboot’s Ecto-1. Today there’s some on set video of said car in action and some additional pictures that reveal an all new vehicle for the Ghostbusters franchise: the ECTO-2. What could it be? Is it a boat.. maybe a plane… no wait, it’s gotta be a bus! Click through to find out!

A couple of Ghostbusters fans were out and about the Ghostbusters set and caught these pictures and videos:

First up is the new vehicle. May I present to you the ECTO-2, built Madhouse Motors of Cambridge, MA.

Another look at ECTO-2:

Now there’s a couple of videos. That is Kate McKinnon driving ECTO-1 and Melissa McCarthy waiting for a pickup and then Leslie Jones comes out to check out the ECTO-1. McKinnon seems pretty happy with herself and the ECTO-1, showing off some dance moves.

In the second video we see Kristen Wiig trying to get in while McKinnon plays “Get In, no you can’t” with her.

This is so cool! #ghostbusters #whoyagonnacall #melissamccarthy ??

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Here comes Kristen Wiig! ??

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Well, there will probably be some more on set video and pictures coming out of the production from bystanders and such. Check back to see more.

What did you think of ECTO-2? Cool idea or …?

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