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Adam Savage from Mythbusters is know for going all out at Halloween with his costumes and this year was not an exception. His proton pack just goes to show that ‘he wasn’t afraid of no ghosts this Halloween. We have come to expect this kind of quality craftsmanship from Savage now, who has previously dressed up in Samurai armor, Alien suits and all sorts of crazy costumes that focus on every bit of infinitesimal detail. In honor of the film’s 30th anniversary Savage had ample opportunity to show of his fantastic Proton pack from within the maker’s San Francisco man cave.

Just in case the video does not provide enough detail and you want more of a close-up of Savage’s skilled craftsmanship and skilled eye for detail, we have provided some high-resolution pics, so you can have a look at this piece of kit in it’s full glory.

So, as much as everyone was impressed with Savage’s custom built ‘Ghostubusters-inspired proton pack, some of the Mythbusters had other things to cathartically get off their chests which led to a piece of Internet gold: The Epic Rap Battle of History: Mythbusters Vs. Ghostbusters.

Bring the noise, and ergh, … raise the roof, and let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel (…or something along those lines).

We will leave it for you guys to fight it out amongst yourselves to determine who the winners were between two iconic teams. Also, a nice sentiment from the ERB crew for bringing Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci – better known as the M7 Build Team ­– back from the dead for a built-team appearance (as you all probably know by now about their departure from the series).

With the mythbusters doing more movie-themed episodes as of late, it is quite possible that we could see Adam and Jamie testing out proton packs, looking for real ghosts, having fun with marshmallows and myriad other testable stuff that would make for a great ‘Ghostbusters’-centric episode.

What other movie myths would you like to see the guys take on? How about more ideas for some more historical battle-raps? Pitch in with your ideas and comments below fellow bastards.

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