Gimme Some Of That Zombie Jerky!


Being a fat bastard (no relations to the movie character, even though I do have Scottish in me), I love me some beef jerky and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind trying some Zombie Jerky. From the folks from Harcos Lab, who made Zombie Blood Energy Potion, they’re bringing us some fine jerked zombie meat to the public. Coming in green, “Teriyucky” flavor, this jerky is packing 11 grams of protein.


Unlike the “Blue Zombie Jerky” from Japan, this form of Jerky looks edible since it doesn’t look like blue candy that’s suppose to be “juicy.” Any of ya’ll interested in trying this out or are ya gross out by the idea of eating  green meat? I’ve had green meat once before… it lead me to “live” in a bathroom for about 7 hours.

Source: Geekologie, Product Page

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