As if the two trailers for Ash vs The Evil Dead weren’t enough for you to break out your rusty chainsaws and read to your young ones from the Necronomicon, Starz has released a behind the scenes featurette from their upcoming series premiering on Halloween night.

The video includes words from star Bruce Campbell, producer Robert Tapert, Lucy Lawless, and composer Joseph LoDuca, among others. Each have a little bit to say about returning to the franchise some 23 years later, the creative direction, and what to expect from this highly anticipated show. 

OK, so that was a total fluff piece if their ever was one. Still, its a joy to see everyone so enthusiastic. Hearing Lucy Lawless call it a “jolly splatter-fest!” is just the kind of outrageous ravings fans want to hear. And, of course, seeing Bruce Campbell onscreen for any reason puts a grin on your chinny chin chin.

Halloween can’t come fast enough.

Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres on Starz on October 31.

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