(Special thanks to Nerd Bastard contributor Veronique Medrano for dropping a deuce on this revived Voltron series. Is nothing from the 80’s sacred?)

Nicktoons has released the first promo trailer for its new series titled Voltron Force which will be released June 16. The intro is nice, and some of the graphics are eye-catching, but what the graphics do not make up for the poor quality of the promo as whole.   Those of you interested in what the heck Voltron Force is well it’s as follows: the show is made of 26 episodes that follow five space explorers who pilot robotic lions that combine to form Voltron. This robotic giant is sworn to defend the Universe, and it is stated that the show will remain faithful to the old one while introducing new original characters.

But to be brutally honest, Nicktoons obviously wasted too much money on the promos graphics, and splattered it all over like a stream of vomit from the Exorcist.  After watching well produced shows like Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, The Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob Squarepants,  and many other Nicktoons productions this seems to fall way short from the quality mark. The mixing of animation styles between the robots and the human is atrocious, and by putting quick clips that flash for a couple seconds TWICE seems really damn annoying and doesn’t help develop interest in the show. To make matters worse they have an incredibly horrendous Voltron Rap called Let’s Voltron on their official site.  Warning to anyone interested in seeing or hearing this song may have the urge to gag! The video for the song has a Grandma randomly bopping down the street to this song…puhlease! Mine would find that music annoying real quick.

This show ultimately gets a pre-rating of: Watch at your own risk!

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