There has been a kaiju movie boom over the last few years with more on the horizon. We unfortunately will have to wait a little longer for some of those giant monsters to hit the big screen it seems. Legendary and Warner Bros. have been working slowly on their own little mini-Toho universe starting with the 2014 reboot of Godzilla. A sequel has been in the works and was originally slated for summer 2018. News today has a shift in that date, but also a set release date for the followup Godzilla Vs. Kong.


It seems that a little restructuring has occurred in the monsterverse and Godzilla 2 will have to wait almost a year later than previously thought. Instead of summer ’18 it is now slated for March 22, 2019. The follow up to Gareth Edwards’ giant monster flick, the much anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong has been set for May 29, 2020. The May ’20 spot has so far only been booked by an unknown Marvel film, while Godzilla 2 will currently only be facing a Paramount animated film – Amusement Park. The competition against Godzilla is sure to change at some upcoming point but for now this puts the Godzilla sequel out of the way of the 6th (!) Transformers blockbuster at the very least.

Fret not kaiju fans, there is still hope for more monster battling in the much nearer future. Kong: Skull Island is set for debut March 10, 2017. Of course the love it or hate it Pacific Rim will for now have its’ own sequel in 2018 as well, so there’s always that to look forward to until Godzilla returns. For purists, the true Godzilla is returning much sooner, with Japan’s Toho Studios bringing a reboot of their own. Anytime there’s an American Godzilla it seems Japan is always quick to let us know that they have the original. Godzilla Resurgence, the 29th Godzilla film from Toho, is set to debut in Japan this summer on July 29. For those of us not on original monster’s home turf we’ll have to hang in and wait for a release date for the rest of the world. No matter how you like your giant monsters, there is much to look forward to in the next few years!

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