Buckle up, Batman fans. Gotham is happening.

The long-debated and anticipated project has been given a series order by Fox, meaning the show about a young Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) on the streets of Gotham City will make its debut during the 2014-2015 television season. We don’t know if it’ll be the huge hit Fox is hoping for but curious and cautious fans will definitely be able to see and decide for themselves.

There has been a whole lot of talk about Gotham with most of it being timid but positive. People are excited about a show taking place in Gotham City but some aren’t too jazzed about a series that features young villains and characters, many referring to it as a “CW version” of the DC mythos. And a show taking place in Batman’s backyard without Batman? Questionable. Of course, Batman will be in it. Well, a young Bruce Wayne will be. However, don’t expect that young Bruce to suit up in the Batsuit. No, this show isn’t about Batman, just the city and citizens he will someday heroically protect. Someday.

Hey, Gotham could be great. Get the right writers, actors and directors in there and you can have a really tough, exciting and unconventional crime drama. But if you try to shoehorn in characters and ideas that don’t naturally fit then you are going to bore audiences and piss off fans. It’s a delicate balance Gotham must pull off.

If you’re one of the people really jazzed about the show then we’ve got even better news: a first look is coming tonight. Fox is planning to debut a trailer during 24: Live Another Day. What will see? Will it soothe uneasy fans and attract interest from non-comic viewers? We will know in just a few hours when the trailer drops.

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