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It looks like the folks over at Warner Bros./DC are gearing up to get their new Gotham television show up and running. One of the chief decisions, naturally, was to decide who would take on the lead role of a young James Gordon and that decision has been made. Nerds and Nerdettes, your Gordon shall be played by Ben McKenzie.

Some may recognize McKenzie’s face from shows such as The O.C. and Southland. And while I wouldn’t call The O.C. a breeding ground for great dramatic acting, Fox has enough confidence in McKenzie to entrust their sacred property to him, so I guess we shall have a chance to see whether he can bring the right chops.

As a side-note, McKenzie also happened to be the voice of none-other-than Batman himself in the 2011 animated flick, Batman: Year One. So way to go full circle, Mr. McKenzie. Though is this an upgrade or a downgrade?

What say you, Nerd Readers? Anyone out there familiar enough with McKenzie’s work to voice an opinion on whether he’s the right guy to fill Gordon’s shoes?


Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the heads-up.

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