Just the other day we brought you’re first look at Team Captain America from the Russo Brother‘s Captain America: Civil War. Today Tony Stark and company get the character poster treatment. Things are ramping up for what might be Marvel’s biggest movie yet, and word is that it’s also the longest Marvel movie yet too.Let’s jump right in:






If you’re wondering if Team Tony is one short compared to Team Cap, you’re right on the money. Now it could be that Team Cap is one man short with Ant-Man (Insert Rim Shot Here), but it’s more likely that the last slot will be filled with your favorite neighborhood Spider-Man.

Sony and Marvel are keeping any Spider-Man involvement close to their chest and we’ll not see much in the way of Spider-Man marketing until the movie actually hits the big screen. After that all bets are off as Marvel and Sony will flood the Internet with Spider-Man reboot merchandise.

Captain America: Civil War hits theater screens May 6th.

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