The yearly Star Wars Celebration, the huge convention in Chicago, for those unfamiliar with it, is here and with it, there’s plenty of new merchandise out.  Some of these items are exclusive to the con and, thus, are sure to become collectibles.  From mugs to pins to plushes there’s a lot to take in, so consider this your guide to the new merch and what to snap up while you can.

Have you ever wanted to blow up a rebellious planet, but wanted to be festive about it?  Maybe take the dark side with you on that island getaway? Well, now you can.  Geeki Tiki has released a 24 oz, ceramic Death Star mug, debuting at the Celebration. Great for relaxing with a cold beverage in between all that crushing the rebel fleet.

Maybe you don’t really feel like destroying planets. Well, Geeki Tiki still has you covered with a matching set of mugs. Also in ceramic, these ones are made in the images of Han Solo and bounty hunter Greedo and debuted at the Celebration. Perfect for cantina brawls, just remember that Han shoots first.

For the lovebirds in the audience, Star Wars Celebration’s got you covered, too. Released this year they have a set of enamel pins, one in the shape of Han Solo saying I love you, the other in the shape of Princess Leia saying “I know.”  Because what better way to let your significant other know you care than with the classic scene from The Empire Strikes Back?

Along with the Han and Leia pins, there’s a new pin based on the medal of Yavin, also known as the medal of bravery, given to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo at the end of A New Hope. This pin, plated in 24k gold, is an exclusive that many will want. Including poor Chewbacca since he didn’t get one in the movie.

In the world of plushes, we have a new set out. The Mos Eisley Cantina villain set.  It comes with four of your favorite villains from the Mos Eisley Cantina, including Greedo, Doctor Evazan,  and Ponda Baba.  The fourth character in the set appears to be the Ithorian who was not named in the credits.  In addition to the four plushes, this also comes with four pins, each showing a member of the Cantina band.

Next up we have a pair of pint glasses.   Made of thick, BPA free glass, these two each have a unique design. One for The Lightside Jedi Gym the other for the  Cloud City Nightclub. The glasses are 16 ounces each and stack for easy storage. It’s important to note that they are not recommended for the dishwasher or microwave, however, and should be hand washed.  Both designs are colorful and whimsical. Great for everyday use.


Finally, we have a gold plated, base metal ring made with the insignia of the Crimson Dawn from Solo: A Star Wars Story.  This ring is of heavy construction, coming in its own box. It is shaped to the insignia of the aforementioned criminal syndicate and is available in sizes 9, 10, 11, and 12.

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