Want to get morbid? In only the way a NerdBastard can? Gravestoneartwear.com a store in Maine and website that sells authentic gravestone rubbings on t-shirts and other items. (This is an example)

Wanna get funkier? They sell handmade soaps Velvet druidic cloaks and amazing gravestone rubbing kits! Their creedo includes these amazing fact;

Through careful hand-rubbing on special paper. Gravestone Artwear® has preserved hundreds of images representing the evolution of the early stone carvers’ art from 17th century symbols to the more sophisticated and artistic tableaux of the 19th century. This catalog illustrates depictions of 17th through 19th century gravestone carvings from New England, ancient Celtic designs from Ireland and medieval brass rubbings from England.

The assortment of shirts and scarves and whatnots are vast for the genre. Check out the site, order a mag, or order online and wear the timeless classic of a deadman’s tombstone on your shirt, or go and rub someone elses!!!

This is for the NerdBastard who loves the gothy vampiresque style of Carpe’ing Nocturne! ……..Or for girls(or dudes)who love crushed velvet cloaks.

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