Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf have officially jumped off the Transformers party boat.

LaBeouf, in an interview with the Associated Press:

I’m sure they’ll make more of them, it’s still a very hot franchise, there’s still value in it. I think people will still go to see it. I just don’t know if I have anything to contribute.

Well, all right. But the Transformers franchise is fuckin’ massive and there’s no way Hollywood is going to let it lie. Obviously, the big options are to either continue the movies without LaBeouf and Bay, or to pull a reboot out of their asses.

We now have an idea of what may be in store for the future of this franchise.

According to producer Don Murphy:

What happens next? Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Toby Maguire. I don’t know what happens next. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.

That honestly doesn’t tell us much. Rebooting it would be extremely idiotic, for obvious reasons.

Like /film says,

As long as the robots are there, it will work.

That’s probably what Hollywood figures, as well. Whoop-dee-fuckin’-doo!

Oh, and the whole thing about Jason Statham possibly being the next Transformers star? Still just a rumor. And I hope it stays that way.

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