Gree-Morr: The Inbred Jedi


Clearly when the first Star Wars movie came out it was NOT the intention to have Luke and Leia be brother and sister. A romantic triangle was created between Luke, Han, and Leia, that was continued thru ESB, and making Luke & Leia related in ROTJ was a good way to resolve it and still let Luke have his dignity. But, “what if” Luke and Leia didn’t find out they were brother and sister? If you have always pondered that “What if” then the following video is for you. In it you’ll see Luke and Leia having sex (hehe, incest is best), and having an inbred baby. You’ll also find  that Lando is not a system, he’s a man. And, that without any doubt, that Han ALWAYS shoots first. The parody is hilarious. It’s a beautifully rendered cartoon with some great voice over work and artistry.

source: neatogeek via awesomesauce

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