‘Green Lantern’ Star Nude Pics Leak Online

With less than 3 weeks until the Green Lantern films release, Blake Lively has come under fire for a set of nude pictures that have hit the net.  Lively, who will be playing Carol Ferris, an important character in the Green Lantern mythos, is guaranteed a place in future  sequels. So this has to be one of the last thing she needs before her big debut…or is it?

Nude pictures or videos before a movie  release is nothing new, they’ve even launched a few careers (right Kim Karkardashian). As for whether or not these shots are real or just clever photoshop work, so far Lively has denounced the blurry cell phone pictures are fakes. But even if they are real, does anyone even care anymore?

Now don’t get me wrong we’re all for a woman showing off what her momma gave her,  but as a respectable gentlemen the image will not be posted here. The closest thing we can do is give you this approximation of what they, the photos, look like.  If you want to know why just head on over to the celebrity gossip site TMZ who reported on their page that a lawyer has been hired by Lively. The lawyer has states that he will send threatening letters to anyone who publishes the pics and implies it’s her. So with that being said, follow the jump for the full look.

Nude Blake: pure accident, media ploy or clever fake? What do you think?

Green Lantern, Starring  Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard is in theaters June 17th in 3D.

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