The Princess of Power makes a come back on Netflix! And her new look is stirring up emotions in internet trolls everywhere. They can’t get over her knew look! The internet is buzzing with talk of ‘the ideal woman’ and She-Ra’s boobs. But why are internet trolls climbing out of their basements to gab away about an 80s cartoon reboot designed for young girls?


She-Ra. Princess of Power. Sister to He-Man. Also known as Adora, she was stolen away from her royal family and taken to another world, raised by the evil Hordak, until her brother, Adam, found her and revealed her true identity. Given her a magic sword similar to his, Adora became She-Ra and fought with the rebels again Hordak and his goons.

Or, that’s how the original went, anyway. The new Netflix series makes no mention of He-Man, so there may be some artistic licenses being stretched. But it’s not the lack of He-Man that is making people angry. Even though that’s a complaint, the release of new promo pictures makes sure it’s not the main one. 

Grown men are in a tizzy because She-Ra’s new look isn’t “feminine enough”. She lacks boobs and defined hips. They claim that She-Ra was meant to be the ‘ideal woman’ of the time and stripping her of that iconic hourglass figure is somehow damaging to young girls.

As a cartoon geared towards young girl, and not grown men, the show is catering to them and their view. She-Ra and her alter ego Adora, aren’t being seen through the male gaze in this version. And that’s the real reason these guys are upset. Can you imagine? A cartoon NOT designed for them to find pleasing to look at? The audacity! The unmitigated GAUL! 



Even She-Ra co-creator and mega-nerd J. Michael Straczynski had to chime in on the new look. And he had a thing or two to say to the trolls.

“To the whole “idealized person” discussion, I would add that there is a significant distinction to be made in terms of how a character like She-Ra is discussed or seen versus how male characters are seen both in shows like this and in super-hero books in general. Yes, male characters tend to be idealized in form and proportion; but female characters tend to be objectified. There is a profound difference between those two, and failing to perceive that distinction is pernicious. ”



The cartoon looks amazing. Titled She-Ra and The Princesses of Power, the title eludes to a team-up of princesses as the series goes on. Other changes that will likely strike up some ire with the grown-men who hate the show for little girls, Bow is black now. The mustachioed archer has a new skin color in a promo picture, adding to the inclusiveness of the show. 

She-Ra and The Princesses of Power is set to release in November on Netflix. Do you dig the new style? Do you think cartoons for little girls should be sexualized to fit the male gaze? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook! 

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