There’s a lot up in the air concerning Doctor Who these days. The recent season just began this past Saturday, and we know it’s Peter Capaldi‘s last as the Doctor, but along with the question of who the Doctor might be regenerating into is the question of when the Twelfth Doctor will regenerate. Capaldi said that he’s already filmed his “death” scene, but it was originally reported that Twelve will change up his appearance during this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special. And now there’s this, a rumour that there will be another Doctor on call when Capaldi says goodbye in December…

According to The MirrorCapaldi will share the screen this Christmas with David Bradley who played William Hartnell in the TV movie An Adventure in Time and Space. Hartnell, as you know, was the First Doctor in 1963, and it will be in this capacity that Bradley will appear on Who this Christmas according to The Mirror. Sources say that One and Twelve will team-up to move Galifrey to another dimension in order to save it from an as-yet unknown danger. On top of that, the sources say that Twelve’s appearance in the 2013 special “The Day of the Doctor” was the start of his regeneration, meaning that appearances from other Doctors, even just in clips, might also be likely.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only Time Lord iteration reunion this season on Doctor Who as it was previously revealed that Missy (Michelle Gomez), the present incarnation of the Master, would be teaming up with her most recent regeneration, John Simm, at some point during the present season (a quick clip of Simm was seen in the preview reel at the end this past Saturday’s season premiere). As for the next generation of the Doctor, there’s no word yet although Death in Paradise actor Kris Marshall is rumoured to be the frontrunner.

Doctor Who airs Saturdays on BBC, BBC America and Space Channel.

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