MikoWho is this ruggedly handsome lad. Look hard, you can see it in the face. He was probably the cutest child actor to come out of the late 80’s and majority of the 90’s. So has he kept work going? Is he a crack addict? What has this ruggedly awkward/handsome young man been up to without his child star?


The most terrifying child to ever play a zombie, Miko Hughes. With a resume that was as hot as a rap sheet, this kid was in movies from Kindergarten Cop, to Full House to Mercury Rising, and originally scaring us out of our tits as Gage in Pet Cemetery. Having a small part in Tropic Thunder, Miko has not found career success at all as a mainstream adult actor in Hollywood, but that is the bane of every child star that Got The Life at an early early age.

Miko, we speak your name.

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