In June of this year, it was revealed that Rancho Obi-Wan, the home of more than 350,000 items of Star Wars memorabilia had suffered a series of thefts resulting in a loss of more than $200,000 of property. Rancho Obi-Wan not only houses the largest collection on the planet (The Guinness Book cleared this up), it also houses a complete reference collection of everything Star Wars so when Steve Sansweet, the curator, noticed the theft, he was more concerned with the loss of items than their financial value.

“This has become the spiritual home, in a way, for Star Wars collectors,” Sansweet told The L.A. Times. “For somebody to come in and steal items from that reference collection, to steal major and important items that I treasure from an emotional standpoint, not from a financial standpoint…has been really devastating.”

The perpetrator, one Carl Edward Cunningham, pleaded guilty to one count of felony grand larceny in the theft. He now faces sentencing of up to four years in prison. Sansweet wrote online that he hopes people get their money back somehow for purchasing the stolen items, and that the items find their way back home.

“My hope would be that everyone will be compensated for what they bought and will be willing to return the items to Rancho, but that all depends on an insurance settlement. And that’s never easy with insurance companies.”

Sansweet first discovered the theft back in February when another collector named Philip Wise revealed that a rare figure was stolen from his own collection. Wise learned of the theft when yet another collector told him that he purchased the very item stolen from him from Cunningham. After hearing this, Sansweet began to inventory everything until he found a number of missing items, all pointing back at Cunningham.

In a posting made back in June, it was revealed that the following items were unaccounted for so if you have any information, please contact Steve Sansweet:

This is a LIST OF ITEMS that hasn’t been accounted for. If you bought any of these, especially on eBay (user name: winterceltic) or through the forum in the last year from Carl Cunningham, please let us know at

Harbert 12-Back C-3PO
Kenner 12-Back Han Solo (Large Head)
Kenner 20-back Jawa
Kenner 20-Back Death Squad Commander
Kenner 21-back Hammerhead
Kenner 21-Back Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot
Kenner 21-back R5-D4 SW card
Kenner 31-back R2-D2
Kenner 41-Back Stormtrooper
Kenner 41-Back-A Darth Vader
Kenner 47-back Luke Skywalker (Bespin) Brown hair
Kenner POTF Han Trench AFA 75+Y #11842094
Kenner POTF Ben Kenobi AFA 85Y #11190100
Kenner POTF Darth Vader AFA 85Y #11667777
Kenner POTF Chewbacca
Kenner Diecast Cloud Car Pilot
Kenner Diecast X-Wing
Kenner Canada Ewoks King Gorneesh AFA 75+ #17591428
Kenner Canada Ewoks Canadian Lady Urgah
Meccano 20-Back Jawa AFA 70Y #11973891
Palitoy 12-Back-B Death Squad Commander
Palitoy 12-Back Jawa (cloth cape)
Palitoy 12-Back-A Sand People
Palitoy 12-Back-B R2-D2 AFA 75 #14754625
Palitoy 12-Back-A C-3PO AFA 85 #11805509
Palitoy 12-Back-B Princess Leia AFA 80 #11810768
Palitoy 12-Back-B Stormtrooper AFA 85 #11860712
Palitoy 12-Back-A Han Solo AFA 85 #12889727
Palitoy 12-Back-B Darth Vader AFA 85 #11696213
Palitoy 20-Back Death Star Droid AFA 85 #19616463
Palitoy 20-Back Hammerhead AFA 85 #12519045
Palitoy 30-Back-A Hoth Trooper AFA 85 #11584683
Palitoy 65-back R2-D2 with Sensorscope
Palitoy Tri-Logo Imperial Dignitary AFA 75+ #19588540
Palitoy Tri-Logo Amanaman
Palitoy Tri-Logo Hammerhead
Palitoy Tri-Logo Luke Skywaker (brown hair)
Palitoy Tri-Logo Princess Leia Organa
Palitoy Tri-Logo Yak Face
Palitoy Diecast Tie Fighter
Takara Sticker 12-Back-B Ben Kenobi
Toltoys Death Star Spherical Cardboard Playset with Palitoy innards
LEGO Millenium Falcon #10179
LEGO Super Star Destroyer #10221
LEGO Rebel Snowspeeder #10129
LEGO Imperial Shuttle #10212
Goodbye party Gooney watch
Goodbye party Gooney yellow mug
Goodbye party Gooney hat
Multi-color K tie tac
Terminator Gooney mug
Raiders slide
Gooney hats x 4
Star Wars blue Fall flyer

Mr. Sansweet can be contacted through the email address above or via his website located HERE. If you have any information related to these lots items, please do the right thing and may the Force be with you!

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