There. I just went off the deep end for all of nerdery there in the headline. Not enough exclamation points? Fine. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope that works. Anyway, all those already dubious about Jesse Eisenberg playing the smart ass Mark Zuckerberg version of Lex Luthor will surely be a little peeved with this idea that Lex Luthor will appear on screen without his signature chrome dome. But that’s the scuttlebutt coming out of the production on this latest rumor concerning Batman V. Superman: Friendship is Magic Dawn of Justice.

According to Batman News, their source says that Eisenberg’s Luthor will be going, uh, haired, in the new DC Comics film. More than that, but the hair will reportedly be “kind of loose and wavy, and it’s dirty blonde.” So it will be heart-throb Lex Luthor then. Or romance novel cover model Lex Luther. Honestly though, if this is the worst decision this production makes, it might not be all bad. You’ll recall that previous Lex Luthor’s on the big and small screen have had hair, John Shea‘s Luthor had hair in Lois & Clark, for example. Gene Hackman also had hair as Lex Luther in the original Superman series of films, but it was gag when revealed at the end of the first Superman that Luthor was, in fact, wearing a wig. Perhaps a similar fate awaits Eisenberg. There is a proud tradition of last-minute reveals in these DC Comics films (*cough*ROBIN*cough*).

As for where Luthor hangs his hat, the LexCorp facility, there’s a new rumor about that too with sources saying that it will feature a basketball court in the lobby that will allegedly be “fucking awesome.” Great. So LexCorp is now one of those ridiculous offices where everyone seems to play and no work gets done during business hours. I don’t care what changes they made to Lex Luthor to make him a more “modern” businessman, but Lex Luthor DOES NOT endorse fun. EVER. Unless your definition of fun is seizing power for personal benefit or exercising this tendencies for extra-terrestrial racism.

In one more piece of BvS news, it’s been suggested that Holly Hunter’s character in the new film is a U.S. senator, adding fuel to the speculation that the film will deal with the fallout of Man of Steel and the suggestion that the government doesn’t entirely trust our heroes, and may be reaching out to the “loose and wavy” haired Luthor for options against Superman and the nascent Justice League. Time will tell.

Batman V. Superman is in theaters everywhere in 2016.

Source: Cinema Blend


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