HALKa Is The Bangladesh Hulk


Ya know what’s always awesome? When you find something from another country and can clearly tell it’s a ripoff of some famous/well known thing. For example, I saw this Korean toy called “Pigachu,” which basically was a Pikachu with a pig’s snout. While they may not impact many of y’all (it did to my 11 year old mind at the time), this trailer should make an impact to you.

While the trailer might make you think it’s a Syfy movie, it’s actually from Bangladesh and is full of awesome things. You have Halka smashing things in what appears to be a skirt, bikes with missile launchers and machine guns, and a bike that stops a tank. At least it has similarity to the Hulk universe and who knows, may be better than Ang Lee’s Hulk. Of course, this isn’t better than the Japanese Spider-man, in which he has a lion-esque super robot named Leopardon (yeah yeah yeah wow!).

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