I told you all last week, upon hearing the news that NBC would be pulling Episode 4 of Hannibal out of “respect” for the victims of the recent tragedies in Boston and Newtown and their families, that I would track down that episode and review it come Hell or high water!

Well….that’s not happening–at least not just yet. See, apparently Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller went to the NBC brass about pulling the new series’ 4th episode: “Ceuf” several weeks ago (yeah, it was HIS idea–my apologies for all…well, most of the awful things I’ve said about NBC this past week).

To maintain continuity, he instead decided to, in his own words, cannibalize (ha-ha) “Ceuf” into six short webisodes.

They’re available on YouTube, NBC.com, and a thousand other sites by now.

Honestly, there’s not much here. I believe Fuller when he says proceeding straight to Episode 5 tonight will have little or no effect on the series as a whole. These webisodes are mildly interesting little time-wasters that delve deeper into the growing relationship between Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl), the now-orphaned daughter of slain serial killer Garrett Jacob Hobbs AKA “The Minnesota Shrike”.

For what it’s worth, Hannibal cooks not one, but TWO meals for his co-stars in the series: First he makes another dinner for Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne), then later he makes breakfast for dinner for Abigail and Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas).

Oh, in case you were curious, the original “Ceuf” was primarily about a woman played by SNL alum Molly Shannon who brainwashes children into killing their parents….So I can see (however grudgingly) why Fuller was uncomfortable with airing it. The full episode will play in overseas markets, but not in the US or Canada. It is unknown whether or not it will be made available online here (don’t bother looking for it yet–I found a dozen sites that claimed to have the full, uncut “Ceuf”, but in reality only had the webisodes).

Here’s the first episode of the web series, which begins with a short intro by Fuller:

Hannibal Episode 5 airs tonight on NBC at 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central. Look for the review tomorrow as per usual here at NerdBastards.

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