Dessert has been served for fans of the NBC series Hannibal with news that the critically-acclaimed serial killer drama serieshas been invited back network’s dinner table next season for more fine murders and even finer cuisine. Easily one of the best dramas on TV, and the best drama on network TV period, this renewal is huge news for the small but dedicated group of Hannibal fans who can now look forward to more mind games and more grotesque displays of human savagery come next year.

This pre-upfronts announcement is a departure from last year when NBC didn’t confirm Hannibal’s renewal until after the upfronts, the occasion at which the major American networks reveal their new fall schedule. But this year it seems that NBC is pleased with how Hannibal’s been holding up on its Friday night perch, securing big DVR numbers which help its total viewership. Also appealing to the network is the fact that they don’t pay full price for the show since it’s a n international co-production. According to Deadline, NBC may even end up paying less for Hannibal once a new VOD deal is factored into the math for season three.

The series follows the adventures of FBI Consultant Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) who finds himself dangerously close to a cannibal killer who just so happens to be his friend and colleague Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). The series was developed by Bryan Fuller (Heroes, Dead Like Me) who’s using the Thomas Harris novels as inspiration rather than following it word for word. Still, what might season three of Hannibal bring us? The fight between Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) and Hannibal that opened the season in a flash-forward implies that the titular bad guy’s secret is about to come out. Might we see the events of Red Dragon about to come to pass as realized by Fuller and his team? Time will tell.

NBC announces its schedule for the 2014/15 season on Monday.

Source: Deadline

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