After years of waiting, a return to the world of Mad Max is almost upon us. Okay, so maybe we’ve got a year to wait, but at least they actually made it to production this time around. And from what we’ve been shown of Mad Max: Fury Road thus far, it’s looking pretty bad-ass. George Miller is back in the director’s chair and he’s created something that is distinctively Mad Max in the way it looks. Now, check out the latest promotional image from the flick, featuring Tom Hardy (aka Max) and Charlize Theron (aka Imperator Furiosa) courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

fury road EW cover

Say what you will about Hardy taking over for an aging Mel Gibson, he certainly has that post-apocalyptic look about him. I’m guessing we’ll see just as much Max-ness on the big screen as we’ve seen thus far in the promo photos. And Theron has already proven herself to be a sci-fi darling, so I’m pretty confident that there will be no disappointments there. Not to mention the fact that early screeners have been raving about the film.

UPDATE! Now we have seven more pics from the movie and they’re looking better than pretty much anything we’ve seen thus far. Scroll on to check them out and see what you think.

fury road - chase

fury road - car

fury road - fight

fury road - group

fury road - theron

fury road - theron 2

fury road - max

As a long-time Mad Max devotee, I must admit that these new pics are giving me a raging nerd boner. Can’t wait to see this all when it hits the big screen. Now they just need to get on top of releasing the first trailer so we can see some walking-talking action instead of just a few stills.

Mark your calendar for May 15th, 2015, when Mad Max: Fury Road will be available for your viewing pleasure.


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