DC is ramping up their marketing, releasing some awesome teasers for it’s new DC Universe streaming service. The latest is Harley Quinn. The teaser trailer makes fun of DC, breaks the 4th wall, and introduces us to a new kind of Harley. Will fans receive the show well? Will it be the breath of fresh air that DC hopes it will be? Or will the internet prove Ivy right? “They’ll hate it.”

Lots of great names are connected to the new Harley Quinn animated series. Fan favorites like Alan Tudyk, Christopher Meloni, Diedrich Bader, and even Jason Alexander and Wanda Sykes stepping in. None of those have a character name attached to their casting yet save for Diedrich Bader playing Batman, according to IMDB, but fans can have fun guessing. Who wouldn’t love an Alan Tudyk Joker?

Two names that do have characters attached are featured in the teaser. Lake Bell, known for BoJack Horseman (Katrina Peanutbutter) and The Wet Hot American Summer films, plays Pamela Isley, more commonly known as Poison Ivy. In the teaser, Bell gives off a droll, bored, almost Daria-like performance that works well for the character.

Harley Quinn is played by Kaley Cuoco, made famous by her role as Penny from Big Bang Theory. With the show ending Cuoco has the opportunity to branch out a bit more. While many fans prefer Tara Strong (Batman: TAS, Arkham Asylum games) as Harley, Cuoco brings a certain energy that fits the foul-mouthed version of Harley. Harley and Ivy even go so far as to poke fun at the ‘super-gritty, bleak and depressing’ style of DC’s live-action material. Harley and Ivy play off each other well, the chemistry between Bell and Cuoco is important if the duo is going to pull off such a beloved couple.

It’s also a bit funny to note that fellow BTT star Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) played Harley in the direct-to-DVD animated movie Batman & Harley Quinn. Wonder if the two talked about the role and if Rauch gave Cuoco any tips?

The trailer gives off a vibe that fits more with the way DC has taken Ivy and Quinn in recent comic book adaptations. We do get a small cameo from The Bat himself, Bader does a solid job of bringing a sense of comedy to Batman, even though he has only one line. Where the characters actually go is anyone’s guess. Harley Quinn isn’t actually slated for release until October 2019, with the other announced shows all preceding the animated feature.

The other original shows announced from DC Universe are Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Things, Stargirl, and the much anticipated Young Justice: Outsiders. ‘Titans’ is releasing this winter, while Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing are starting to get off the ground; Doom Patrol is filming and Swamp Thing is still getting casting news. More news is expected to release as NYCC 2018 rolls out over the weekend. Stay tuned for more on DC Universe!



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