If you’ve been following the upcoming Suicide Squad film, then you know there were a LOT of costume trails and errors to be had to come up with the perfect fit for one Harley Quinn. As we have seen, the ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’ baseball style tee and sequined daisy dukes, took the cake for the look they were trying to portray. Now, Warner Brothers has released behind-the-scenes footage that is over 9-minutes long and it reveals the classic jester costume! Costume designer, Kate Hawley had her own input for fans. 

“The Jester suit has such an amazing, powerful quality to it. We’ve built it. We’ve built that and we actually put it on Margot and she looked amazing,” says Hawley. She also mentioned that although she will not be dawning this costume in the final film adaptation, there is still a homage to the suit.

As most Harley fans will know, her costumes have changed a bit over the years since her debut, almost 24 years ago. That’s right, in September, it will mark 24 years since her first appearance. The jester suit was her first costume and the iconic one we remember her in today. It was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in 1992 on Batman: The Animated Series.

As you can see, the evolution of the suit has changed quite a bit. As her story started as Joker’s sidekick, and wasn’t supposed to be more than one episode, her character blew up overnight. She became a regular on Batman: The Animated Series and soon fans latched on to her quirky, fun-loving nature. Seeing as her story starts her off to be Joker’s henchman, she is wearing a full-fitting jester suit with a mask and jester hat. As time went, she became something more of an independent character, who tried to escape Joker’s abusive relationship. Now, we see that she wears something a lot more revealing because she feels more comfortable with herself. As many times as she tries to pry herself away, she seems to always come back to her puddin’.

You can view the behind-the-scenes footage here:


Suicide Squad is hitting theaters August 5, 2016. “We’re bad guys, it’s what we do.”

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