Once upon a time, Marvel Comics was being dragged hopelessly into bankruptcy. In order to stay afloat, they sold off precious movie rights to their most popular characters. That money helped enable them to create their own studio, and that’s why we get to see awesome films like ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy.’ Those film companies would become rivals and prove themselves incapable of regularly releasing hits starring the Marvel properties. An attempt at making a good Hulk movie bombed and the rights went back home. Same deal with Daredevil. But Spiderman is a longshot. Sony Pictures is dead set on keeping that property, even if that have to reboot it every few years – origin story rehash included! And Cinema Sins and Screen Junkies will be there to point at them and laugh. Welcome to 19 whole minutes of blasting the crapfest that is ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2.’

My love/hate relationship with that movie deal persists and no matter how many ‘Days Of Future Past’ hits Fox makes, I’ll be a hater until the rights go back to Marvel. Two weak Ghost Rider movies and a prison stint for tax evasion have sent the Spirit Of Vengeance and Blade back home already. When the new Fantastic Four movie flops (a third time), we may just see that return to Marvel also. Spiderman won’t come home because the character brings in too much money for Sony and all their product placement. So, we’re left with these post-Raimi (not part 3) sub-par films with otherwise fantastic action scenes and a good cast. Cinema Sins doesn’t think much of them either, and here’s the proof:

Andrew Garfield grew on me and I’m convinced that you’ll never be able to find a better Gwen Stacey than Emma Stone. But this movie is laughable at best. At the worst, I probably cried a little in seeing one of my favorite heroes being movie’d into Doucheville, USA. I mean, you know when you’re writing a Spiderman movie wrong when you don’t have J. Jonah Jameson in it. Mistake Number 1. Screen Junkies finds over 2 million more.

Dennis Leary’s Dead-Man-Judging face is hilarious! That’s how I looked during the whole film! Oh, and worst Harry Osbourne ever. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt about the Rhino. That’s a tough sell. I think the original costume would look silly on film, so it makes sense that they’d come up with something else. But they would’ve been better off leaving that guy out altogether. Plus, I haven’t seen a villain ham it up like Paul Giamati did since Tommy Lee Jones played Two-Face in ‘Batman Forever.’

I could do this all day, but the movie is old news and it’s not worth it. Hope you enjoyed the fun! Spidey 2 movie lovers and haters – you’re welcome to opinionate below. Play us out, Spidey!


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