Seems we’ve been talking a lot of Game of Thrones lately. And it has everything to do with one, the show is freakin’ incredible, and two, it finally returns for its second season this Sunday, April 1st on HBO. Can’t you just feel the excitement? It’s like my nerd sense is tingling.

But you might be thinking, damn, four days is a really agonizing wait. I can’t agree more, once something is so close you almost taste it the waiting is unbearable. Thankfully, HBO seems aware of our plight and they’ve been sharing clip upon trailer upon behind-the-scenes featurettes for months now. This week they’ve been promoting Game of Thrones‘ return with gusto.

Collected here are nine, yep, NINE clips, trailers, and behind-the-scenes sneak peaks to hopefully make the wait a little easier. Or, maybe it’ll be like picking at wound and you’ll only suffer more, I don’t know. Either way, roll the clips!

Sources: The Mary Sue, Bleeding Cool, Nerd Approved

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