Hawkman has taken a lot of flak this week because of the “Toast to Green Lantern” video. It just have easily could have been Aquaman, or The Flash, or Green Arrow. Let’s face it, anyone not one of the DC Three, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman has always had trouble getting translated to theater and television screens. Wait a minute . . .better make that the DC Two considering that Wonder Woman can’t even get past filming a pilot these days without getting canceled.

Even with all that it still makes sense for DC and Warner Bros to try to make some use out of the great DC comic book heroes. Word is that Warner Brothers is moving forward on developing a Hawkman movie, the project is being farmed out to writers now,  It’s On The Grid reports.

Now everyone knows that for every movie that we see on the big screen there are thousands that never get past the script stage or get stuck in developmental limbo – Think Flash! Wonder Woman and others. Would Hawkman make a good movie? If they used the Indiana Jones arceologist angle, throw in some Nazies and evil scientists and it could make a go of it. Hawkman does have a complicated and some times confusing backstory, a corny costume, but he does carry some pretty impressive weapons. Developers should stop trying to bring Hawkman into the present and keep him in the past where flying wings

Which version of Hawkman would you be interested in seeing? How would you tackle the character in a movie?

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