Unless you folks don’t know by now, I’m a full on He-Man and The Masters of The Universe fan. You know, the blond, muscular, “I Have The Power” dude from the classic cartoon and corresponding toy line? More so than not, people remember He-Man as being gay. With characters like Beast Man, Ram Man and ahem… Fisto, I can’t say I blame them. I’ve done all I can do to convince myself that He-Man is not gay. To accept it after all these years would perhaps make me question my sexuality. Well I might as well start batting for the other team because at this point there is no arguing against the rainbow-esque gayness of He-Man. Enter the art of Adrian Reimann. He has given He-Man and his fellow Master of The Universe sidekicks a modern make over; and by make over I mean a Marc Ecko, indie/hipster fashion motif. Ya know what, just bring on the cock cause there is no defending against this. As I post these pictures I cry but it is for your amusement, so enjoy.Click after the jump for more illustrations












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