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Old cartoons from the 80’s with millions of fans are reanimating like colorful zombies. Dreamworks holds the Necronomicon from Generation X’s childhood. Studio executives using their back catalog of spells work to raise dead intellectual properties. Recently a deal with Netflix will conjure Voltron back to life. Now, Dreamworks TV revived He-Man And The Masters of The Universe to its lineup of kid friendly shows like Life Hacks for Kids and Sung History.

Titled “The Real Masters of Eternia” this new cartoon is a kids comedy spoof on Reality TV shows. Molded in the same vein as Total Drama Island and Drawn Together the show aims directly at silly conflicts. Eight “heroes” inhabit Castle Greyskull, Evi-Lyn, Mer-Man, Orko, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Skeletor, He-Man and Beastman. This show uses only clips from the old TV show, heavily re-edited with new voice actors.

In this pilot episode, Skeletor calls dibs on the upstairs bedroom, trying to ruffle feathers. Teela plays up the vainity card, by posting on social media. The Sorceress acts as the host, setting up challenges between the contestants. The show writers weaved many harmless and ripped off jokes into the skit. You can catch the Simpsons joke He-Man res-uses at the 5:40 mark in the video. The first show ends with a final competition between He-Man and Skeletor that starts the main rivalry within the repurposed show. Right now it is unclear if there will be any more episodes but all signs point to more. View it for yourself below:

Dreamworks missed the right target audience, Generation X. New cartoons like Mike Tyson Mysteries, (a re-imagined Scooby Doo) and Rick and Morty, (Back to the Future re-take) get their target audience right. If you re-take He-Man with a comedy twist, it’s low-brow antics need to be aimed right. If a show about new heroes set in the same world as Eternia shows up, it would sell. A dark comedy centered on Orko, with humor similar to Pigeon from Mike Tyson would rack up ratings. This would clash with their family friendly YouTube Channel. But it would work perfect on Netfix or Cartoon Network.

Having said that, this is pretty funny.

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