You know, most former governors lead a pretty predictable lifestyle. They kick back with family, write their memoirs, maybe make a few TV appearances or even take a gig as a highly-paid political pundit.

Not Schwarzenegger. Oh no. He wants to go back to his old job: killer cyborg from the future.

Deadline reported Tuesday that Arnold is attached to a hefty rights package the CAA Talent Agency is shopping around to studios this week that would revive the iconic Terminator franchise. The Deadline story contains lots of details on the business end of the deal, but remains mum on most of the meat and potatoes of what the flick (or flicks?) would be. Fast Five director Justin Lin would helm the new project, and Robert Cort would produce, but beyond that we don’t know much.

Arnold has said in the past that he didn’t want to go back to the franchise, preferring instead to take roles more suited to his age, but something’s given him a change of heart. Not sure if this is cause for celebration or just prayers that the flick won’t turn out like the last two flicks, but it’s interesting news nonetheless.


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