Everyone can calm down. Matt Smith will return as the Doctor for next season’s Doctor Who. All those silly rumors of Matt running away to Hollywood were quickly squashed when Sam Hodges, the Head of Communications for BBC1, tweeted, “Fourteen new episodes have been commissioned with Matt Smith as The Doctor.” This means we can put off what will most likely be a heart-wrenching farewell episode for another year.

And as if you need more confirmation, the indisputable Steven Moffat himself tweeted,

14 eps + Matt DEFINITELY. I’ve got a plan and I’m NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS. Now hush or River shoots you with her Spoiler Gun.

Those 14 episodes include the Christmas special at the end of this year and the 13 episodes that comprise next year’s season. Still no word on whether or not that season will be split in two halves like the current.

Also not confirmed is what will happen to the Doctor’s companions. There’s been no word yet it Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) will still be sleeping in their Tardis’ bunk beds. I really wouldn’t be too surprised if this is their final season, and I say that with a heavy heart because Amy and Rory have quickly become my favorite companions. Tennant’s Doctor traveled with three different companions, and dozens who would regularly come and go (Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, etc), so it seems only fitting Smith would eventually pick a new traveling pal. Or, here’s an intriguing idea, since Moffat is obviously staying on as showrunner, what if next season we finally see more of River’s adventures with the Doctor?

No matter who is joining him in the Tardis, more Matt Smith is totally welcome. Make sure you tune in for the mid-season finale of Doctor Who this Saturday on BBC America. (Psst. I’ve already seen it and wow. It’s a whopper.)

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