There are few truly funny moments involving H.P Lovecraft. One of them was the time I was role-playing with my friends, and my friend Patrice (forever getting us into trouble and ruining out poor GM’s plots) replied to an instruction not to say “ya” more than once with “ya ya ya yadiya ya, okay- what happens!?” (he’s been the one of us to manage to miss reading The Call of Cuthulu). My friend Jeff turned to our beleaguered GM, Dale, and said somberly, “Can my character run very, vey fast?”. Dale just sighed, I put my head on the table and started laughing, and Patrice looked confused. The other funny Lovecraft moment is this short film.

In “Late Bloomer”, a Sundance Film from 2005, a class of seventh graders are treated to Sex-Ed by their teacher, Ms. Lovecraft. Of course, we all know that with a teacher’s name like that, the sexual organs are going to come to life and something creepy is going to happen. The twist to this hilarious film, directed by Craig Macneill and written by Clay McLeod Chapman, is that the narrator is a seventh grade boy using Lovecraft’s tone and style. The description of the reproductive organs and how they began to “reach out” for him with “hypnotic ovaries” has some pretty genius special effects and well as being funny. The “ritual” when the kids are chanting “vagina” over and over and the girl start “writhing” in their seats makes me remember writhing from sheer embarrassment -but at least we didn’t have to deal with boys in the class…that more awkward than I already was at that age. The parallels both to Lovecraft and to actual Sex Ed are awesome. The whole this definatley made my experience of sex-ed on Catholic School seem less disturbing. “Hail yag saggoth vagina” was my favorite line, though it was hard to choose. For once, I have nothing bad to say. Except maybe “ya, ya, ya”!

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