Those who have been following Mike Mignola’s Hellboy series know that the big red lug has recently become deceased.  Last year, in the mini series The Fury, poor Hellboy managed to get his heart torn out – an unpleasant experience even for someone as resilient as he.  Fans need not mourn for too long, however, as everyone’s favorite half-demon will be back for more, though in quite a different setting.

In Mignola’s new series, Hellboy in Hell, the hero of the planet will be taking a trip back home to the underworld.  Since he has some relations down in the depths, it should be interesting to see how they greet him.  Talk about the family reunion from hell (badda-bing!).  Considering that Hellboy hasn’t been all that cooperative with Hell’s agenda on Earth, I reckon his reception won’t be tears and hugs.

In an interview with, Mignola talked a bit about the new project.  One thing that he mentioned that should make Hellboy fans pee themselves with glee is that this new title is, in fact, a continuing series and will be going on for as long as Mignola wishes Hellboy to remain in Hell.

To promote the new release, Dark Horse will be handing out posters at the upcoming Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle as well as the World Horror Con in Salt Lake City (comics are legal in Utah?).  The first side of said poster boasts a piece of art from Hellboy in Hell and the reverse side has a nice preview pic for one of Mignola’s other creations B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Devil’s Engine.  That’s right, those that prefer the team over Hellboy will be able to follow them as well.

Mignola states that the release of Hellboy in Hell has been pushed to December.  Until then, fans will have to settle on rereading the older stuff or gritting their teeth and watching the movies a few more times.


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