When last we left Dexter, Deborah had discovered her brother’s affair with the murdering Hannah and finally broken down and told him the news that she was in love with him.  Isaak was still on the hunt with no chances of a reprieve for our hero, Quinn was getting in even deeper with the Russians and LaGuerta was getting closer and closer to discovering that Dexter might be more than he appears.  Things were heating up and all sorts of shit was about to start flying.

Isaak, gone rogue from his mob buddies, is being hunted by some nasty assassins and decides that maybe Dexter is a better ally than enemy.  He enlists our favorite serial killer to help him take out his enemies, offering in return to leave Dex alone.  Dex isn’t having it, but once Isaak kidnaps Hannah and uses her as collateral, he’s forced to change his mind.

So off Dex goes, on the hunt for some hitmen and he seems to get into the killing mood just fine.  On the side, he tries to figure out where Isaak may be hiding his lady friend with Deborah helping in what ways she can.  But Hannah has plans of her own to escape, plans that go a bit wrong when she ends up getting stabbed.  Luckily, Deb figures out where she’s being held and finds her in the nick of time, saving the life of the very one she hates so much.

Dexter is successful in getting rid of hitman A and hitman B and Isaak finally gives the thumbs up, ready to head off into the sunset and let bygones be bygones.  But lo-and-behold, George Novikov, our loveable strip-joint owner and hater of Quinn, shows up just in time to give Isaak a bullet to the gut and then run off to leave Dex to clean up the mess.  Isaak, as he is dying, gives Dex some final advice on the best way to live life.

In the meanwhile, Dex blows off Deb’s feelings for him, trying to explain them away and make her feel better with a nice pat on the back.  Quinn is still being pestered by George and ends up beating him silly after a brief argument about Quinn’s stripper-squeeze, Nadya.  And LaGuerta hunts down more clues, eventually calling on her former boss for help.


Not much in the way of outstanding acting this episode, since it was mostly about resolving some of the plotlines that have been set up thus far.  One major villain down and now all Dex has to do is deal with LaGuerta being on his trail, and possibly taking down George to save Quinn’s ass.  I was a bit surprised that they took Isaak out of the picture so soon (and sad to see him go), though the emphasis of the season seems to be what Isaak had to teach Dexter about himself.

This is a common theme with each season of Dexter, where he learns something from somebody or does some sort of soul searching to figure himself out.  But this time around it actually seemed to work better than usual.  The tendency has been to have the whole focus of a season be about these little life lessons, but this one brings the hammer down early and gives more time for the story to progress and for us to see how Dexter’s head will change (at least over the course of three episodes).

I was a little disappointed that the “Deb loves Dex” thing was again put on hiatus (or possibly even dismissed?), but still hold out hope that it will continue through season 8 and up to the grand finale.  Now that Dex is thoroughly engrossed with his lovely Hannah, however, we might need to see her die if they want to explore the incest thing further.

Three more weeks and it will all be over, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of cliff hanger they leave us with this time.  No doubt it will have something to do with the very slow-paced LaGuerta investigation they’ve been teasing us with, but we might get lucky and the writers will throw us a twist in there somewhere.

So until next time, continue to watch Dexter and read my shit.  And don’t run with scissors.

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